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Monday, 3 July 2017

What Is Dental Health ? How To Avoid Cavities

Dental  health  :

Dental Health

It is always needed to take care of your mouth and also teeth starting in childhood. When you  don't , you could have problems with your teeth and gums - like cavities or even tooth loss . 
Here's how you can maintain your mouth and teeth healthy.

•  Brush your teeth each and every day with a fluoride toothpaste 
•  Clean between those teeth every day with floss or a different type of between-the-teeth cleaner 
•  Snack smart - limit sugary snack food items 
•  Don't smoke or chew tobacco 
•  See those dental surgeon or oral health professional regularly 

Commom Dental Procedures :
Common Dental Procedures

*   Root canals
*   Bonding
*   Gum Surgery
*   Oral cancer Examinations
*   Braces
*   Crowns and Caps
*   Dentures
*   Filling and Repairs
*   Extractions
*   Sealants
*   Teeth Whitening
*   Veneers

Tooth Decay Process :

Dental Decay Process

How to Reverse It and Avoid a Cavity :

You possibly recognize that a dental cavity is a hole in a tooth. But did you know a cavity is the results of the tooth decay procedure that happens over time? Did you know you can easily interrupt and even reverse this procedure to avoid a cavity? 
This web page explains how the tooth decay process starts and then how it can be stopped and even reversed to keep your child from getting cavities.

What's inside our mouths?

What goes on inside our mouths all day?

How does a cavity develop?

How can we help teeth win the tug of war and avoid a cavity?

Who Is the  Best  Doctors  for Dental :

Best Doctors for dental

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