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What is Spinal Surgery ? Disadvantages of spinal surgery

What is Spinal Surgery?

The goal of a decompression surgery is usually to relieve pain caused by nerve root pinching. There are two common causes of lumbar nerve root pressure: from a lumbar herniated disc or lumbar spinal stenosis .This type of pain is usually referred to as a radiculopathy, or sciatica.

Lumbar surgery refers to any type of surgery in the lumbar spine, or lower back, between one or more of the L1-S1 levels.

Lower Back Pain Surgery :

lower back pain surgery

Surgery may be considered if for severe lower back pain that does not get better after a 6 to12-week course of nonsurgical treatments. It is almost always the patient’s decision to have back surgery, and only in rare situations is immediate surgery performed for low back pain.

Some factors to consider before having back surgery include:

* Ability to function

* Healing process and lifestyle
* Mental health
* Type of surgery  :

There are two general types of lumbar spine surgery that comprise the most common surgical procedures for the lower back

1. Lumbar Decompression

2. Lumbar Fusion

Lumbar Decompression :

Lumbar Decompression

Decompression  opening or removal of bone to relieve pressure and pinching of the spinal nerves. Discectomy  a type of surgery in which herniated disc material is removed so that it no longer irritates and compresses the nerve root.
Spinal Decompression Surgery Recovery time :
Decompression may be recommended if your symptoms have not improved with physical therapy or medications. The surgery requires a hospital stay from 1 to 3 days and recovery takes between 4 to 6 weeks. Figure 1. (top view of vertebra) The difference between a normal spinal canal and one with stenosis.

Lumber Fusion :

lumber fusion

Lumbar spinal fusion is surgery to join, or fuse, two or more vertebrae in the low back. Spinal fusion is major surgery, usually lasting several hours. There are different methods of spinal fusion. Bone is taken from the pelvic bone or from a bone bank. ... This bone graft helps new bone grow.

Spinal Fusion Surgery Recovery :

At The Hospital (One to Two Days) Spinal Fusion Surgery Recovery: After Discharge (Three to Six Days) One to Four Weeks After Spine Fusion Surgery. Spinal Fusion Surgery Recovery:One to Three Months Post-Operation.

How to Treat Spinal Surgery :

Surgery is done to relieve pressure on the nerve roots. This can help reduce pain, numbness, and weakness in your legs. Surgery may be recommended if: Your pain, numbness, or weakness is so bad that it gets in the way of normal daily activities and hurts your quality of life.
Lumbar Decompression :

spinal surgery treatments

Drawbacks to Spinal Surgery :

Because both spine fusion surgery and disc replacement surgery are major operations, it is important to consider the risks in going forward with surgery. An obvious consideration is how disruptive the surgery, hospitalization and rehabilitation are likely to be compared to the pain of living with degenerative disc disease. The hospital stay can range anywhere from an outpatient procedure, in which case the patient may go home the same day of surgery, to a 3 to 4 day hospital stay. Either way, the patient generally has some activity restrictions for at least 3 to 4 weeks following surgery, followed by up to 3 to 6 months of post-surgical rehabilitation.

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